Concerts & CD-Presentation "NOOR" 

Happiness, empathy, grief and longing are the driving force behind the "Armenian Spirit" Band. Souls were never more akin than in this melancholic yet joyful music.

"We Armenians are scattered around the world. Actually, we are at home everywhere", says Karen Asatrian. "Through my music, I want to pass on the joy and energy of life reflected in Armenian culture.”
Asatrian has already impressed many audiences with his compositions, all of which derive from the creative synthesis of contemporary jazz and the rich repertoire of Armenian folk music. Asatrian's contemporary arrangements are a jazzy exploration between Oriental and Western harmonies. Members of "Armenian Spirit" are mostly Austrian based, but hail from Armenia, Iraq, Croatia as well as Austria. Vocals are executed with a powerfully expressive groovy rhythm performed by Armenian singer Rita Movsesian.

In October 2018, Karen Asatrian will present "Armenian Spirit's" third album. The Album carries the Armenian subtitle "Noor" - which means "Pomegranate" and is a powerful symbol of life, fertility and productivity in Armenian Mythology. 

Beside Asatrian as Composer, Pianist and Singer, the powerful and expressive voice of Rita Movsesian is to be heard - she, too, is at home in both oriental and western scales. Guitarist and Oud player, Juan Carlos Sungurlian, who has been enriching the lively Graz jazz scene for decades, will also be featured. Emmanuel Hovhannisyan's Duduk (apricot wood flute) adds the special characteristic Armenian tone to the Album, which is decisively influenced by none other than Wolfgang Puschnig, a longtime companion of Asatrian and one of the stars of the international and Austrian Jazz scenes. Reinhardt Winkler on Drums and Ante Jurinovic on Bass add the heartwarming drive to the arrangements. Both musicians are also held in high esteem within professional music circles. 
At least once a year Asatrian faces Mount Ararat to refuel his passion and inspiration that he now expresses through his new Album "Noor" and will present live in concert soon. 
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