Rita Movsesian Quartet - "The Armenian-Flamenco Connection"


A cultural and musical project that has been started in Austria and Germany 8 years ago is now extended to Andalusia. It focuses on the creative connection of different, though similar music styles: Andalusian Flamenco, traditional songs of Armenia and Near East, as well as the Balkans are the objects of an artistic exploration. The main aim of this encounter is to demonstrate how different music styles share common tonal and harmonic basics and enable creative crossovers between its peculiar music cultures. Moreover, the lyrics of both musical hemispheres indicate how close human feelings such as love and hate, death and joy of life, sadness and overwhelming happiness are, and how they express these intensive human experiences with the help of poetry and music despite of their different instrumental and cultural backgrounds.
Arca de Noé brings artistry from Armenia, Arabia and Andalusia together: a three-dimensional musical project that shows how close Orient and Occident really are, regardless of their historical contraries and prejudgments. It demonstrates that transnational fusion in music does not necessarily mean a loss of the involved cultural identities, conversely, it can contribute to its enrichment and vitality.  Arca de Noé stands for transcultural fusion in music. It is developed in Seville inniciated by Rita Movsesian with the collaboration of the remarkable flamenco musicians Steve Berteletti Martín (Flamenco Guitar / Percussion) and Marko S. Marusic (Contrabass, Bass Guitar).

This artistic project was accompanied by Dr. Gerhard Steingress, professor for Sociology of Culture and Music at the University of Seville. He is the author of numerous scientific publications on flamenco as an artistic manifestation of the Andalusian culture and of hybridisation in contemporary music. His scientific activities include, inter alia, appropriate conferences on an international level. His comprehensive knowledge of cultural fusion in music was reflected in the work of Arca de Noé.

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